What our students and parents say

"My two boys have been going here for ages. Awesome for teaching them discipline, respect and great fun. Can't recommend it enough for boys or girls."

Mike Sutherland

"Can't speak highly enough of this club! My daughter attends the Little Dragons class and has been loving it for over a year now! She comes out as excited as she goes in. Craig and Abbie are brilliant with the children and they are always doing something new and exciting with them."

Mary Byford

"My granddaughter had done kickboxing for 5 years at another club. We were experiencing increasing difficulty keeping her motivated in training. We all felt it was time for a change. She still wanted to do martial arts so we came along to FKSDA for a week's trial where we were all made welcome . The club offers just what we needed - experienced adult black belt (and above) instructors, a clear syllabus, happy members, expectation that hard works pays off, equality of training and no ego trips. The instructors recognise a balance in life activities."

Pat Howie

My son is into his 3rd year with the club and is as enthusiastic now as he was when he 1st started. Whilst he continues to learn kickboxing skills and grade through the belt system the club/sensei's have taught him to work hard to achievei his goals, be responsible and show a good level of discipline and understanding. He has built great friendships with other students.

Lisa Eadie

"The past three years at Fife Kickboxing has not only helped me become fit, strong & healthy it has provided me with a platform to make great new friends.  It's a family friendly place & since my son joined the whole family has become involved.  Great support, great coaching & great atmosphere"

David Rae

"I think this club is amazing. My daughter goes and loves it. All the instructors are excellent with the kids. I would highly recommend send kids here as such a friendly club."

Gayle Tully

"Thanks to the fantastic senseis my 2 children have more confidence and self belief than I ever thought possible. The other students and parents are all friendly and give a warm welcome to everyone who attends."

Dawne Campbell

"Great club. Very profesional. All the staff are very friendly."

Mark Roy

"Lovely and amazing people, exellent in teaching and would highly recommend to anyone."

Celine Thornton

"My little girl attends Lil Dragons and truly enjoy the relaxed atmosphere as well as learning kickboxing herself confidence has flourished thanks to kickboxing."

Rosslynn Clusker

"My 9yr old son really enjoys his kickboxing training. Fantastic atmosphere & instructors really have the children's respect as great motivators."

Lisa Eadie

"My 9 year old son goes twice a week for past 6 months. Used to be pretty quiet, timid and unconfident.  Since joining he's came right out his shell. So confident now. Loves it. Sensies are great also older students that help in classes are great. Very welcoming. Not only teaching them kickboxing and self defence but also respect and manners. Great club."

Chris Dey

Thank you to everyone at the club