Win ONE FREE YEAR Competition - A few words from the winner...

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Back at the start of 2018 we hatched an idea to give away ONE FREE YEAR of training to a child in the Dunfermline area.  We weren't sure if the idea would work.  Would the winner enjoy kickboxing?  Would they fit our culture and values?  

Well our worries were completely unfounded!  A young lady, named Eden, won the competition and has been a wonderful addition to our club.  Many thanks to Eden and her parents, Michelle & Ian for bringing such a positive energy and spirit to our club.  

Eden says –

I have really enjoyed participating with the rest of the class and I think that all the Senseis are incredibly nice to both pupils and their parents.  My favourite part of the classes is when we all shout ‘Yes Sensei!!!’ because it shows that we are listening and showing respect.  When we do our classes, I think the Senseis do a good job of keeping everyone focused on what they are doing, and they make it great fun too!  I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helps or leads the classes and I can’t wait until I reach my black belt!

One Year On...
The backstory from Eden's Mum, Michelle...

It has been a little more than year since Eden embarked upon her FKSDA journey.  In the furore of general social media advertising, I had noticed a few posts shared by a friend about FKSDA.  The posts he shared always seemed so positive and the classes looked full of very focused and happy individuals.  One of the posts happened to offer a fantastic competition for one lucky person to have free membership with the club, including all outlays for one year.  I showed Eden some of the posts and she said they looked great!  Well, you’ve got to be in it to win it so with a sceptical mind and my usual pessimism, I entered.  One week later, lo and behold, Eden’s name was chosen by one of the club members, Connor.   Eden was so excited when she watched the live draw and Sensei Craig got in touch straight away.  The start date was decided, and Eden could not wait to give it a go. 

Day one, Eden was issued with her full uniform and a sparkly new white belt.  She simply loved the class and the rest is history!  Eden has now successfully progressed through the grading system to her Red and Black belt with great delight.  The organisation prior to gradings is efficient and the gradings themselves are so slick.  I feel exhausted just watching the members being put through their paces!   

Eden continues to adore attending FKSDA and speaks highly of every Sensei she has the pleasure of being taught by.  The commitment and enthusiasm shown by every staff member at FKSDA is so refreshing after having been to a few different clubs in the past where the welcome and drive was all but gone.  Every sensei has the patience of a saint and they work with great pride and such a positive outlook, no matter what is thrown at them.  The comradery is so apparent within the FKSDA team and the true testimony of this is demonstrated through the passion of the young instructors.  They unconditionally lead warmups and assist in classes with great respect and a smile before going on to participate in their own classes.  The other parents have been so welcoming from the beginning and the discussions in the waiting area are always a laugh.  From a social point of view, the events hosted have been a real joy for Eden and equally for us as a family.  Race nights, Halloween parties to name but a few, all organised with precision and with every age group in mind.  Eden has also been fortunate enough to enjoy the Holiday Club, organised and hosted by Sensei Mo! Safe to say that the childcare is second to none and Eden hopes to use it at every opportunity. 

I would like to thank everyone involved with FKSDA and look forward to what lies ahead for Eden as she goes full steam ahead into year two!