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Who can be a Black Belt?

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Anyone...and at the same time, very few.

You see, being a Black Belt involves a lot of fights, but not of the sort that you might initially think.  I'm not talking about sparring on the mats with your fellow club members or at competitions.  I'm talking about fights with yourself.

The fights I'm referring to are your own internal fights with your self-confidence, motivation, vision and self belief.  At times we all suffer from doubt and dips in our self belief.  Life is tough sometimes and when things get on top of us it's a natural response to want to skip training or forget about the healthly eating.  

The difference with a Black Belt is that in spite of the way they feel, they get on and get the job done anyway.  Or, if they miss a scheduled training session they will "re-group" and do something else perhaps at home and then get right back to training at the next opportunity.  It is far better to do something - even a few push ups, sit ups and squats - than to do nothing at all.

In the end, to be a Black Belt you have just got to keep going.  Your dream; your vision; your goal is bigger than any obstacle that is in your way.  To quote the military commander Hannibal, "I will either find a way, or I will make one!"




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